“For more than 10 years Bellapierre Cosmetics rewards beautiful women with flawless, natural makeup and healthy skin”

_DSC0006On April 30th, Bellapierre Cosmetics celebrated the first birthday of their new studio.
The event was attended by over 60 guests. Each guest on arrival received a gift bag from Bellapierre Cosmetics.

The program of the event was the Makeup Show from the main guest Cuneyt Ozketen. Cuneyt – the favorite of more than 14 thousand subscribers on Instagram. For many years working with the most exclusive leading designers such as Roberto Cavalli, Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, Missoni, Mango, and others. He created for many world-famous stars creative, glamorous and flawless images, also participated in the Fashion Show in Istanbul and Milan. The works of a talented makeup artist were seen around the world and were published in the magazines Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Hello. This is not just his career is the passion and love for his work.
Cuneyt introduced all guests to the world of colors and techniques, and also showed the great advantage of Bellapierre Cosmetics products, which is, first of all, quality and ease of use.
During the day and evening makeup presentation, all guests could see that the products are suitable for both professionals and makeup lovers.
The model of the show was a talented designer, Anastasia Balak. According to her, the feeling on the skin was very light. Everything looked very neat and natural,
in spite of the fact that more products have already been used for evening makeup.
Wonderful Elina Nechaeva shared her experience of using Bellapierre Cosmetics, as she has been using these products for many years.
Mrs.Sweden Globe 2018, Oksana Herradi, spoke about her experience with Bellapierre products for over 12 years in international projects.
The emotional moment of the event was the awards ceremony for partners Bellapierre Cosmetics, some of which
for the past 10 years have been supporting the concept of healthy makeup.
At the end of the event, all guests had a chance to

win exclusive gifts from Bellapierre, NANOASIA and their partners in their lottery.
On May the 1st, an exclusive master class for specialists by Cuneyt Ozketen took place at the Bellapierre Cosmetics studio.

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