Address of the President of the Republic in relation to the first COVID-19 victim in Estonia


“Dear people of Estonia!

Today is a sad day when the first person infected with the coronavirus died in Estonia. We feared it would happen, but still secretly hoped that it wouldn’t. Of course it happened. I offer my condolences to the family of the deceased.

The rest of us will carry on. We will carry on together, because the only way we can beat this virus is by supporting each other. How this pandemic will end for Estonia depends on every person in Estonia – literally, not figuratively. The role and the impact of the decisions each and every one of us makes is very clear and direct in beating the coronavirus.

The experience of countries shows that keeping our distance from others helps. Nothing else helps. A democratic state cannot be held responsible for the social distancing of its citizens. This is why the measures used by Estonia and other Western countries are not comparable to the measures taken in China. We are responsible. Each and every one of us. As always, the state is sharing the responsibility with us today as well. The state sets the rules of social life in a democratic manner and our role is to abide by them. We must abide by them. And maybe do a little more than we’ve been asked.

We’re all worried about the future in a manner that the majority of Estonians have never experienced in their lives. Let’s support each other. The best thing is to keep thinking what you could to protect your family, your elderly relatives, the community. It’s great to see Estonian people keeping their distance from each other when walking in the forest and giving way to each other on small intersecting paths – and smiling at each other! Because we’re together.

Unfortunately, we’re still in the initial stages of the epidemic. It depends on all of us whether we have enough hospital beds and people who can care for the sick when we hit the peak. Let’s pull together to ensure that this peak is as far and flat as possible, so that the patients who’ll be hospitalised next week can receive equally good treatment.

Dear people of Estonia – it’s time to stick together. Unfortunately, it’s also the time when we have to stay away from each other. Let’s make sure that this is not a time of loneliness, but a time of communication and caring. This way, we will beat it.

My sincere condolences.” ​

Krishan Chand

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